Meet the Board

15676036_1401415283224920_826070483780340872_o (1)Mike Nolan, President

Mike Nolan grew up in California and attended the Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems Apprenticeship in 2006 and 2007. He has farmed in California, New Mexico and in Southwest Colorado for the past eight years. He mentors beginning farmers in the region as well as teaches agriculture classes in the winter. Mike owns and operates Mountain Roots Produce in Mancos, Colorado with Mindy Perkovich.

IMG_1757Denise M King-Stovall, Vice President

Denise is a wife and a mother of four who relocated from Princeton, New Jersey to Hesperus, Colorado in 1997. Since then Denise has managed her family’s farm growing hay as well as breeding and raising sheep. She managed the ski school office at Purgatory Resort during the 1997-98 season, where she continues to teach downhill skiing. In 2004, Denise retired from her professional career in Parks Management after serving seven years as Parks & Rec Director for the Town of Mancos. Denise is the founder and on the Board of Directors for Local Brands Farm and Ranch Markets Co-op, which marketed local, naturally raised meat products and sold to restaurants, public institutions and retail outlets and also through farm markets, including one she established.

erin+cornErin Kuhlman, Secretary

Erin Kuhlman has recently joined the Montezuma School to Farm Project and Mancos Conservation District as the new Assistant Executive Director. Erin was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Health Sciences. During her time at the UCCS, she had the tremendous opportunity to experience school to farm concepts with her assistantship in the nutrition program. Erin was also able to experience the influence of agriculture not only in food systems but also in nutrition education. Her work included farmer’s market education with seasonal produce, nutrition events on campus, farm production, research in inner city food deserts and starting grant funded projects such as, re-establishment of Heritage Grains in the Front Range. She is the 3rd generation to settle in Montezuma County and is overjoyed to be a part of this community. She feels right at home with the variety of recreation around her.

Chuck and M.B. McAfee on their farm near Lewis, Montezuma County ColoradoChuck McAfee, Treasurer

Chuck was born in Cortez, grew up in Lewis and graduated from M-CHS. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Colorado and then at Stanford University. His professional career was with Hewlett-Packard. Chuck and his wife MB returned to Southwest Colorado in 1998 to become re-engaged with their home community. They are living on the dryland farm where Chuck’ grandparents homesteaded and began farming more than 100 years ago. They are implementing a long-term project to convert their farmland to native and introduced grasses for livestock forage. Their priorities are healthy soils, healthy grass, happy rancher. His favorite pastimes are conversation, laughing, and attempting to keep up with friends on local mountain bike trails.

Dustin 0509Dustin Stein, Board Member 

Dustin is the Ranch Manager at Stubborn Farm & Burk Beef. He joined the Burk Beef team in 2012 and is in charge of all the daily operations and sales. He cut his teeth in agriculture growing a wide array of vegetables on leased land. He had aspirations of raising livestock and was lucky enough to meet the Burks who were ready for full-time help on the ranch. He has taken on an advocacy role for young/beginning producers. He is an active board member of the Four Corners Farmers & Ranchers Coalition. Water in the West is a topic that he will always go to battle over.

KelliecroppedKellie Pettyjohn, Board Member

Kellie broke ground on the Wily Carrot farm in 2012 in the beautiful Mancos Valley.  After leasing land from a friend for four years, the farm found permanent roots in 2015 when Kellie purchased three acres in the Valley.  Over thirty varieties of vegetables are grown in three fields and four hoop houses.  Since its inception, the farm has always been run using sustainable, organic growing principles and in 2017, the farm was Certified Organic by the USDA.

Comp Cindys PictureCindy Dvergsten, Board Member

Cindy has served as a director with Four Corners Rocky Mountain Farmers Union since 2011, including serving as president. Growing up on a berry farm in Minnesota, Cindy has been a lifelong farmer. With her husband Mike, she operates Arriola Sunshine Farm north of Cortez.  She began selling at the Cortez Farmers Market in 1987 and continued to raise leaf lettuce and other products from a market garden for 25 years. They also have raised heritage turkeys and at one time had 200 laying hens. Currently Cindy and Mike manage a flock of 35 registered Navajo-Churro Sheep. Practicing holistic grazing planning, they have witnessed a doubling in the productivity in their pastures. They believe that managing with a whole-farm approach is essential to the success in today’s changing world.

imageTyler Hoyt, Board Member

Tyler and his wife Kendra have owned and managed Green Table Farm in Mancos, CO since 2014. They grow vegetables and fruit, keep a large flock of layer hens, and raise hogs and goats for meat. They sell their products at the Durango and Mancos Farmers markets, as well as through local restaurants and grocery stores. Kendra also runs a local food truck, Green Table Cafe, where her and her business partner create farm-to-table cuisine for local events. They are actively awaiting their first child and the end of their known lives.    

Emily (1)Emily Lockard, Board Member

Emily Lockard moved to Montezuma County in 2018 after working as an agriculture extension agent in Pueblo, Colorado and Bozeman, Montana. She is now a research associate at the Southwestern Colorado Research Center in Yellow Jacket, CO. Her background is in range science and animal science, but has worked with a diversity of ag operations in her 9 years with Extension. She is excited to be back in Colorado and looks forward to collaborating with and supporting local agriculture producers.